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PostSubject: Introducing....   Introducing.... I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 12:16 pm

I'm sure Many of you have noticed that this site hasn't very active in the past few months, ever since I said I "had to do some things".
This forum has gone through a lot. I've edited the Colors, Pics, settings, engine, chatbox, and everything else so many times, I don't even know how the forum is still running.We've got tons of members that haven't ever posted a message, and another ton that doesn't post here any more. The forum, now that I've come back to look at it, is not what I would consider attractive. Being a forum administrator, I have learned lots of cool stuff that could be implemented into the forums. So, in a nutshell, this place is a mess.

A little while ago, forumotion released a new engine called phpBB3. It's alot more powerful than what we're running.
There are so many things I want to do here, but couldn't- I have just made so many changes here it overwhelms me to try and add something else to the mile-long CSS code.

So, awhile ago me and Stocking Anarchy decided to open a new forum. We'd have a fresh start. The members that never visit wouldn't populate our members list. I can run a new engine. And you know me- I'm not very quick when it comes to forum devolopment.
But after about two months, I have everything planned out and the production of the new forum has begun.
It shall be called "The Headquarters"

I have a LOT planned for this new forum, including;

An Attractive, easy to look at Forum Layout

A Theme selector- You could choose between a Funkeystown theme, Lapputta Station, Terraria theme.. And they will all look pretty cool.

FMChatbox v3: A New, Awesome chatbox with tons of commands, a Private Chat function, a Pop-Up Chatbox funtion, and a full text editor

New Points System: Just like Funk-Cash here, I will be using coins to give you a lot of cool features such as custom ranks, pets, and even your own shop.

Pets: Mini-adoptables, which can be trained, evolved, and eventually involed in a turn-based RPG

Quests- The return of "adventures", with an all-new story and new characters.

Better-run forum: I've got a bunch of people that are gonna help me out with this forum- Won't be just be any more.

Badges- The return of those little badges that are in your signature.

Achievement System: An achievement system run through the PM service

And much more!

I'm working hard to build this forum, and I will try to have it done by March 4th.
More teasers coming soon,too. Very Happy

Check Out My App Review Site:

NEW REVIEW!- Angry Birds!

I made this;
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