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 Funkeys Revival Organization

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PostSubject: Funkeys Revival Organization   Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:43 pm

Welcome to the Official club of Reviving funkeys. It's quite exclusive.

To Join, you must complete one of the current missions;

Current Missions;

-Compose a letter, with at Least a 6 line body to persuade the new Chairman of Mattel that funkeys should be revived. It must be in a Letter Format (Date, Greeting,Body,Farewell). It must be persuading.

-Find a way to contact the New Chairman of Mattel that isn't over the phone.

-Make a Video explaining all the Fun you had with Funkeys. The video cannot be just a face talking and must include Footage of the U.B. Funkeys game. To make footage of your Screen, download the free version of Fraps by clicking here.

Please-DO NOT Post your submission here. Simply E-Mail them To Mr.Verdim@yahoo.com or PM Lucky At Rufunkey.forumotion.com or PM Lucky102 at Funkey.Forumotion.com.

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Funkeys Revival Organization
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