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PostSubject: Burned!   Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:30 am

Okay, I didn't even buy this game and I know how horrible it is. The game is literally a virtual fireplace, on sale.

I read a review to see exactly how awful it was and not surprised. There is no music and a 30-second audio loop that was not even edited correctly. (There is a split-second pause between beginning and ending.) And here's the "customization" - you decide the type of wood being burned and the type of stuff around it, either (A) candles, which in real life would be redundant because of the fireplace, (B) presents, which would be a fire hazard in real life, or (C) a "romantic" getaway with wine bottles, which, if they were real, would probably be cheap. Just like this game.

There is probably someone out there who thinks this dumb "game" is worth $5, but then again that person also thinks $5 is a fair trade for a lifetime's worth of free music. Rolling Eyes
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