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 The Type of People that Play..

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PostSubject: The Type of People that Play..   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:04 am

(This is a New thing I will be doing, talking about how certain people play certain games.)

Call Of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 [Multiplayer]

The Assaulter
An Assaulter is a common, and most easy to use tactic. Most Assaulters Use Assault Rifles or Light Machine Guns, and dive head first into battle. They usually get a lot of Kills, and a lot of deaths.

An Assaulter is great against on-the ground snipers, and other assaulters. However, they have a weakness to Ninjas and Hidden Snipers.

The Run-And-Gun (My Favorite)
The Run-And-Gun tactic is similar to the assault tactic, but this is how it goes;
A player equips the Unlimited Sprint Perk, Usually Lightweight(Move Faster), and Ninja(Silent Footsteps, Invisible to Heartbeat sensors.). Lightweight Can Be replaced with Cold-Blooded, but Only if the Primary Gun is quite light, such as the MP5K, or UMP45. Run-And-Gunners usually do better on Small-Medium Maps, and can occasionally get a Killstreak going if they pull back a bit.

Run-And-Gunners have a good advantage over an Assaulter and Ninjas (And sometimes other Runners), but they can be outclassed by Hidden Snipers and enemies at Long range.

The Sniper
Snipers are skilled, stealthy players that use Sniper Rifles to hide in high places to get One-Shot-Kills on the players below. This is probably the hardest tactic to use, although with some practice you can master it. Snipers perform badly when On the Battlefield, but can use "Quick-Scoping" to move their way to there sniping spot.

Snipers can Take down an Assaulter or Runner easy, but are Highly threatened by the Ninja and Rusher Because of their stealth.

The Ninja
Ninjas Are silent, sneaky players that go behind enemy lines with silencers and a light weapon and swiftly kill what they can find. They don't get many kills,though, because of their stealth. However, they also don't get many deaths.

Ninjas Can take out snipers and Assaulters But have Trouble with Runners and Long-Range enemies.

The Rusher
Probably the second most hated kind of player, Rushers simply go around with Marathon,Lightweight, and commando and charge players with a knife. They overwhelm players by coming out of nowhere and simply slashing them. They are mostly found in Free-For-All because of the amount of enemies to kill.

Don't Rush.

The Camper
The Most Hated thing in all of COD; Camping. Campers simply stand in one place until someone wanders by, and Bam. Campers are truly hated and unbalance the game.

Don't Camp.

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The Type of People that Play..
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