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 "The Upgrade" Adventure Recap

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PostSubject: "The Upgrade" Adventure Recap   Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:22 am

The members discover something is wrong with Luckyest. They discover that he is dying, and they need to get to the secret "Upgrade Panel". Nobody knows how to get there, however, so they travel to the hidden realm to get a map from the King of the Hidden Realm. After Unlocking all the gates, the members discover that the King has turned evil (And Mentions some kind of other king) and the king attacks them.

Testbot fights off the King, and snatches the map on the way back to the forums.
The members then find the upgrade room, and insert the chip they found in the last mission. The forums immediately go dark, and the members go to Luckyest's chamber to investigate.

At Luckyest's chamber, there was some sort of mysterious figure messing with cords, but the members reconnect the wires and the forums spring back to life.

Luckyest was Upgraded to Version 102, and the forums revert to normal.

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"The Upgrade" Adventure Recap
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