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 Metroid Other M Review

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PostSubject: Metroid Other M Review   Thu May 12, 2011 7:19 pm

Many Have Said the game "Metroid Other M" isn't That Great, But Here is the Truth..

A Lot of Button Mashing is Involved, But it does involve Slightly Aiming. Camera Rotations are Good, and Only a Few Times are Awkward. The First Person Mode is Kinda hard to Aim, But You get Used to it. You have to have a steady hand though. It'd Be nice if you could Change Weapons, but your weapons are always stronger than the last so it wouldn't really Make sense. There are also Puzzle elements in the game, I just wish that they weren't so Easy to Solve. Gameplay is Interuptted by Cutscenes a LOT, Which can Be annoying, But it Does Form a Magnificent story.
So Shooting and Killing Monsters is Fun, But Cutscenes are Annoying and You have to get Used to First Person.

The Graphics are Absolutely Amazing. The Gameplay Graphics are Similar to those of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the Cutscene Graphics are similar to Movies in theaters. Facial Expressions, Scary Scenes, And Boss Battles look Magnificent.

You Don't really Hear Much Music in this Game, But when You do, it is pretty Intense.

The Normal Mode is Kinda Hard the First Time, But if you Play it again It's Easy. Hard Mode Starts off Well-Balanced, But Really Creates a Challenge when You get deeper in the Game

STORY- 9.5/10
The Story almost Made Me Cry. It Starts off Slow, But then You Get to Betrayal, Sacrifice, and Juicy Secrets. Some critics think it Ruined Samus, But I Disagree.

The Main Story will take You about Seven Hours, Collecting All the Items Will take another 2, And If you're a Metroid Fan you'll want to Play it again Or Try Hard Mode.

A Good Game, But I excepted More From Metroid. If You Liked it, try the other Metroid Games out there that are even better than this. This Game is Fun, and the Story will Have you On the Edge Of Your Seat.

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Metroid Other M Review
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