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 Mobile Site, Coming Soon Stuff,Funkey Servers

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PostSubject: Mobile Site, Coming Soon Stuff,Funkey Servers   Thu May 12, 2011 5:04 pm

Well, as You May or may Not Have Heard, The Mobile Site it Up. However, it is in beta right Now and You Can't Login or Post Yet- But don't Worry, that Will Be Coming Soon.

I'm sorry to tell You that the Idea of a New RPG has Been Dropped.

But! Here are Some More stuff that's Coming Soon-
-Mobile site Posting
- New FC Stores
-FaceBook Page
-A Few More things that Are Stuck in the Back of my Mind Right Now.

And There is a Strange Message on the Forum Homepage...I Don't know HOW It Got there, But You Know, there is Always a crazy Reason for Everything I Do. (Oops, I Just Said "I" Didn't I? I Guess that Kinda Made a Lie Detector Go off..)

In other News, The Funkey servers Have been Rumored to be Back up.
Perhaps we have a Final Update Coming Our Way.

See Ya Next time, and Stay Funkey!
-And If there is No Next time, Well...At least I have a helmet.

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Mobile Site, Coming Soon Stuff,Funkey Servers
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