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 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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PostSubject: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:29 pm

Written By Luckyest

Biting Off Less than He Can Chew

As the Winner of IGN's Wii game of 2010, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Is No Put Down. Let's Go Back to where it Started- Super Mario Galaxy. Galaxy One developed the Feel and support for Its Sequel. Galaxy One was an awesome Game, but Could've been better- With Camera Issues, Poor graphics at Some Moments, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a Fantastic Upgrade.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will have you hooked the First time you play it- With Beautiful worlds and Galaxies, you will be scrambling to get to the Next Galaxy- With Each one Following something even more Great. The Controls are Kind Of Simple- Move with the Nunchuk, Jump with "A", Spin by shaking the Wiimote. You can also Change the Camera Angle and Zoom in- Very much like Super Mario 64. The Music is also Awesome- Joyful, Yet Simple. It always fits the Theme of What your Doing- Whether it's Running through Feilds, Climbing Blocks, Trying to Solve a Puzzle, Or Jumping over Lava- The Music really adds feel.

It Can be Quite Irritating to Keep Trying to do the Same Part Over, And Over, And Over Again, but this Just Adds to the Addiction. With only 3 Health Most of the Time, you will be going Crazy as you near the Star- Only to fall to your Death and read the Words "Too Bad!" across the Screen. But Addicting can be a Bad thing- Beating Bowser won't take you too long- Which is a Shame, because the game goes Downhill from there.

After Beating Bowser, you find your Self with No Motivation- A New Galaxy Costs about 10 Stars now. You will find yourself Returning back to the Same words you sped through, and Playing through them again to get a Comet Medal, then Playing again on a comet Level with seemingly impossible challenges.

Multiplayer Mode isn't the Best Either. Player two Will be bored when All they are doing is pointing at the Screen and Pressing a Button.

Super Mari Galaxy 2 Could pull of so Much More- With some fun things that you'll only see once, Mario could've achieved More. As the game Goes on, Te Drill Stages, Flying Stages, and Star Ball stages kind of disappear. And the Boo Mario and Spring Mario only Appear in One Stage.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be nothing without its Prequel, Super Mario Galaxy. Galaxy 2 is still one of the Best games out there. With Challenges, Many worlds to explore, a Fun exploration feel, great Music, and an Addicting Urge, this Game is a Must-Have for Mario Fans. What depresses me is the things this Game could've pulled off but Didn't. With only Two Levels for the Star ball and the Flying Bird, we could've seen more creative challenges for the Game. But don't Get me Wrong- Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Completely Awesome.

Score(Out of Ten):
Graphics- Amazing,And the Camera Is always where you want it to be.

Music And Sounds- Some Repatative Sounds(Mario's Voice), but Still Joyful and Relaxing.

Presentation- Short loading Screens and an expecting story Cancel each other Out. Nintendo Still amazes Us and it would be good move to make another Galaxy game.

Gameplay and Fun- Awesome, Cool, Suspensive, and Excting.

Lasting Awesomeness(Replay)- Tons of stuff to do, but the Fun can't last forever.

Overall score:

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review
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