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 Battle Arena Pre-Sign Up Club.

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PostSubject: Battle Arena Pre-Sign Up Club.   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:58 pm

If You Join Here,You Can-

-Reserve a Username in Funkeys Battle Arena
-Get Special Items After it releases
-Get exclusive Items That Only You Can Get During the RPG
-Get Bonus Coins
-Automatically Get 100 Points When You Join The RPG
-Start Playing a Day Early
-And More!

To Join,Simply Fill-Out this Form! You Must Also Send a PM to another User that isn't in the Club Telling them about this Club!

-UserName You Would Like to Reserve:
-Who Did You Tell about this Club?:
-Who Is the Admin Of Battle Arena?:
-Why Are You Signing Up For this Club?:

Already Taken Usernames:
Battle Master

People Who Have Already Been Told About the Club:

Check Out My App Review Site:

NEW REVIEW!- Angry Birds!

I made this;

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Battle Arena Pre-Sign Up Club.
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