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 Da Funkey News Issue 8

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PostSubject: Da Funkey News Issue 8   Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:44 am

Forum Outrage!

As almost Everyone knows, our beloved forum is gone. The reason is currently unknown, and we have no clue why. On the old forum, imagardien announced that he was leaving. Many asked why, but he gave no answer. Then on January 4th,2010, imgardien admitted that he left because the forum was closing,and knew because of an inside source. He was probably being obedient to the person who told, because noone knew other than him,and maybe some other members.Mattel has not said why they closed the forum,but someone has to know. The forum may be closed for ever,and we have to put it behind us. Ub Funkeys @ the SpeakEasy states:"Mattel has closed the official forums on ubfunkeys.com. I don't frequent there, so I'm not sure how recently this was done, but it couldn't have been that long ago.I'm sad about this. For one, I welcome anyone to the forums here that has come from the official site. I hope you find that it is warm and inviting."
Many people have probably quit funkeys because of this.
Lets just be thankful that we have this place.

As of right now, we have no recovery of the forum, and not even a place for information.
Many funkeys are scared because of what mattel is doing with funkeys.Many think funkeys will be dicountinued soon. Hopefully this will be proven false when/if the Dc Heroes come out. Only time will tell...

On The Market..

Lack of production is really getting fans worried.With a bad launch to Paradox Green, and no further info on Dc heroes, fans are worried. Many have tried to call radica or mattel,but they still say funkeys are still in production. One staff person also said, that a new update should be comeing around Feb 2010.

Game News!

The game creater problem still remains unchanged. Will it ever be fixed?
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PostSubject: Re: Da Funkey News Issue 8   Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:59 am

*reads issue* Awesome!
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Da Funkey News Issue 8
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